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Join us on Saturday, October  6, 2018

at The Foundation Sale IV selling Fullblood & Purebred Limousin, Semen & Embryos in Bowling Green, KY.     At United Producers Saturday, 1p.m. CST.

Bred &  Open Heifers

..                 "Cultivating the NEXT Generation"

We invite YOU to Join us on Saturday, October 6, 2018 for The  FOUNDATION SALE IV  -  ACHH Limousin and Haynes Family Farms are  Hosting in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  One of the largest offerings of Fullblood  Limousin genetics to sell in years.

We are PROUD to be  FULLBLOOD & PUREBRED Limousin Breeders and to Live in a country that we are FREE to Raise & Sell what We  Believe In.  If You Feel the same: